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Why Technology Is So Important To Have In Schools

Image result for educational technologyWhen it comes to the modern world, there’s only one thing that’s absolutely certain. Technology has been marching forward at a rapid pace. Thirty years ago, the world was seeing the very first commercially available mobile phone. Now, smartphones can double as a pocket computer, able to do everything from calls and texts to playing amazing games like Pokemon Go.

Unfortunately, not every person learns everything they need to know about modern technology. Even though things like computers have become absolutely vital tools for almost any job, people get away with learning nothing by saying “I’m not a computer person”. That may be true, but there’s no other tool so vital that so many people refuse to learn anything about.

There is a way to fix this problem, however. The best way is to teach children about technology as they go through schools. While so many people will agree that this is a good idea, they never seem to want to actually fund the schools in order to make it happen. When schools spend money on fancy new technology, people say things such as “They should have spent it on better teachers” or “they didn’t need technology at that level, they could have gone with something less expensive” or any other thing they can think of in order to claim the school didn’t actually need the new tech.

Sadly, this causes schools to have an incredibly difficult time actually being able to teach children about new technology. The most simple, straightforward problem is that it’s difficult to teach a thing if you don’t have the thing to aid in the learning process. Certainly, there are a number of things a child can learn by reading and watching videos, but the simple truth is that you absolutely need the right tools to teach about anything.

The second problem is that like it or not, things get broken when dealing with students. Often times they can be repaired instead of replaced, but repair costs money, as well. And certainly, people make the excuse that students should learn to be more careful, and sometimes that’s even the truth. It’s absolutely correct that some people treat their tools poorly, making them more likely to get broken. Yet just as often, the student simply made a mistake. People learning new things do that. It’s hardly fair to punish everyone because one student made a simple mistake that led to the ruination of a piece of technology.

At the end of the day, technology is important to have in schools because otherwise, it’s impossible for students to learn about technology. As technology grows and matures, it becomes more and more vital to each and every aspect of employment. If a student doesn’t learn how to use technology in schools, then where will they learn? The answer is that many of them, especially children from low-income homes, won’t be able to learn at all. They’ll have a massive setback in moving forward. And if there’s one thing a school is supposed to do, it ensures that every student has an equal chance in life.