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Why Universities Should Use CMMS Software?

University Facility Management


Why Your University Needs CMMS Software?


The facilities departments of universities have an important responsibility of keeping students safe at all times, complying with government regulations, and managing inventory. A university is a vast area which should be maintained at optimal levels in order to guarantee the safety of its inmates. The maintenance facility will have to manage hundreds or even thousands of work orders and assets on a daily basis. Numerous maintenance issues may crop up at any time crippling the regular functionalities of the premises. This is why it is important that a university has a proper maintenance system in place. This is where school computerized maintenance management software or CMMS systems come in handy. This article provides an overview of why your university needs CMMS software.
CMMS software will help boost the efficiency and productivity of the maintenance departments in the university. The facility managers can use software to automate the work order life cycle. This will include work requests, work orders, and preventive maintenance schedules. CMMS software will link together different departments, premises, employees, suppliers, and vendors into a centralized network. This will help improve the collaboration and communication among these entities in the university. This is very important to conduct the day to day operations of the university without any problems.
University assets are subject to wear/tear and breakdown at regular intervals. CMMS software will help you implement a preventive maintenance schedule in place to protect the assets of the university. This will help prevent unexpected asset failures which could have resulted in revenue losses for the institution. The software will offer a central database where you can access all the incoming work orders quite easily. This will help the maintenance manager decide what orders should be done on an urgent basis and prioritize work orders accordingly. It will help close the work orders in a much more efficient manner in the long run. These are very important advantages of using CMMS software in your university premises.
CMMS software will help improve the productivity of the maintenance department of the University. It allows the maintenance manager to set up a preventive maintenance routine to schedule the jobs more effectively. Employees can be assigned with work orders more efficiently in order to keep them occupied at all times. This will prevent the waste of manpower hours within the maintenance department of the University. Preventive maintenance can help improve the life expectancy of important equipment in the university. It will help you replace parts as and when they experience wear and tear. This prevents small problems from becoming big issues later on. These are very important benefits of using CMMS software systems in your university premises.
In conclusion, CMMS software helps improve the overall functionality on a university. It empowers the maintenance department of the university to save money in the long run. Regular maintenance of university assets will make them less prone to breakdown in the long run. This is why it is important that you use CMMS software in your university.

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