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5 Top Educational Technology Tools


Technology has really changed how humanity communicates, works, and lives but one area still stands out glaringly as an exception. Many teachers in many schools still rely on the same old tools such as textbooks, blackboards, and overhead projectors that their own teachers used decades earlier. However, change is coming. Today, new websites, games, and apps are emerging to aid teachers in their work with students and making it easier to connect with their colleagues.

Here are top 5 online educational tools:

1.    BetterLesson

This website hosts lesson plans for Mathematics and English from 170 master teachers. You can search for a plan by subject and grade. Master teachers have posted accompanying notes on how to use the plan as well as video summaries. You also get to see how a particular lesson applies to a particular Common Core standard as well as how lessons connect all through the year.

2.    LightSail

This e-reader app has a library of 80,000 texts. Students are able to track their reading progress using this tool and earn badges as they go. Teachers can use LightSail to set challenges for students and assign tests. They are also able to tell which student has not been reading lately as well as compare the progress of their class to other classes within the same school.

3.    ThinkCERCA

This website helps teachers to come up with reading assignments for pushing the critical thinking skills of their students. For instance, you can choose a topic such as the role of government in promoting proper health and assign different texts for different reading levels. Students then go through a series of exercises that include coming up with an argument and providing evidence citations from the material they have just read. Teachers then evaluate the work of their students and assign content for assisting students in areas they need to improve using this tool.

4.    Fine Tune

This tool is designed for helping teachers to practice evaluating writing assignments from their students. The aim is to help teachers rate sample essays then provide feedback by comparing their ratings with those provided by a panel of experienced teachers. This is particularly an important area since the Common Core places much emphasis on improving the writing skills of students – not just in writing-oriented courses such as English, but in other courses such as science and history too.

5.    BloomBoard

This is a particularly interesting example of the intersection between professional development and teacher feedback. It is a repository where administrators write classroom observations then connect teachers with resources for helping him improve including videos of very effective educators. Teachers are also able to hold real-time chats about their work and create their own groups. Schools are also able to analyze their expenditure on professional development.


Education is a field that has been lagging behind in terms of adopting technology. However, things are now changing and today we have technological tools that educators can use to offer better training. The 5 tools discussed in this article are good examples of such educational technology tools.